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Semua beg datang dari Jasmin Noir di Shopee


BACA JUGA  Bonia handbag

30 thoughts on “SAYA BELI 17 BEG DARI SHOPEE

  1. No matter the appearance or the metal parts of the hidups bag, I believe that as long as you are not a practitioner, you will never see any difference

  2. Bag yg you tak pandai pakaikn tali tu, i think tali just like button. Mcm bag marchjacob. Kebanyakan tali bukan mcm tali tinggang. Tapi button.

  3. I rarely leave comments but have to because this video seems funny to me. 🤣 Starting from yesterday I just randomly watching your vlogs & tutorials. And this one halfway through sumpah terhibur gila HAHAHA. Especially part yang smelling the bags and tali / bag sticky tu kelakar gila & this "you nak barang you kena curi pakai this bag" Hahaha 😂

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  5. Techinically, I think the authentic bags are the same as the replica bags. But the reps only takes a hundred buck, but the so call real one takes thousands. Why ? I prefer to pick up something at

  6. Kenapa aku selalu nampak youtubers beli beg putih koyak tu hahhahahhaah. Pastu reaction semua sama. "Dalam gambar nampak helokkk depan depan…. Hmmm"

  7. I think every unboxing video, u also can put the link at description bout all things u buy it at any online shops

  8. tali yg tak pandai pasang tu actually just cucuk je. then u can see its not a realiable handle rip

  9. Thats why people buy branded bags. The excitement you get when you unbox. Its a whole new experience 😊

  10. I donno if im so lateeeee butt! For the brown bag yang you tak tahu macam mana pasang i justt like i know maybeee!! You kene tngok dekat bawah tali tu ada lobang kan ?? You kene masukkan button kuning tu dalam lobanggg sofeaa omaigod ahhahahahhahahha sumpah i geram je nak tunjuk kan kat youuuu then bila you dah masukkan you boleh sangkut like macam biasaaa ahahhahahhaha

  11. I banyak “add to cart” handbag from jasmin noir sebab tengok macam cantik but after tengok video ni, jadi turn off pulak nak beli😅

  12. watching this for the third time 😭🤣 but tbh my 4 ringgit shopee bag is better than yours 😭🙏

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