Dress Code For Muslim Men

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37 thoughts on “Dress Code For Muslim Men

  1. Proper dress code for men:

    1) Cover awrah (navel to kneees)
    2)Knees can be showed but not thighs
    3) No tight clothes
    4) No transparent clothes
    5) No silk, gold, etc
    6) Silver is permitted
    7) Head gear is not recommended
    8) Smell good
    9) Covering upper body is recommended in public
    10) No imitating opposite sex, non-muslim

    Anybody have thought, feel free to share🙂

  2. But it might be proper dress code, but I loved your address, am a hot, hot, hot rather

  3. 😂 has nothing to do with Islam or your Prophet's way that is copied from Christians . You want to wear like your prophet then go get Yemenis way

  4. Most of Muslim women follow dress code but men doesn't. Muslim women easily attracted by a men. Because they don't follow proper dress code. Some Muslim men go out shirtless in public. It's not fair.

  5. Can we wear shorts for practice's like football I do that I try to cover it with socks but they punished can I get excused

  6. If this is proper dress code for men, then why are you preaching this here but violating this same dress code in another video of your?
    So you are fake muslim then. That's why tik tok banned you 😂😂

  7. You don’t have to wear a hat and you don’t have to dress like an Arab. You just have to cover up, not wear gold, not wear silk, and not wear tight clothes. Allahu alam.

  8. I only respect those who arent like those bots saying some religous stuff from 1 religion.

  9. Covering the head is not mandatory, nor is it necessarily recommended.
    The beard should be kept one hands length long.

  10. I am a new Muslim inshallah, may I ask about jewelry in general? What is halal and what is haram or even najjas, I understand i could Google it however I would rather be educated by a brother

  11. i honestly feel bad for you muslim folks given the amount of restrictions you guys have

  12. during umrah or hajj, in ihram, headgear can't be warn. Dress code is different then. But yea, we need to get to this tradition, not hero wears this or footballers wears this so i am gonna too. The only role model to follow is Muhammad e mustafa s.a.w

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