Asas Komputer: Menyediakan Komputer Desktop

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Jika anda mempunyai komputer meja tetapi tidak tahu bagaimana untuk menyambung semuanya, jangan risau! Kami akan membimbing anda melalui proses langkah demi langkah. Kami harap anda menikmatinya! Untuk maklumat lanjut, lihat pelajaran bertulis kami di sini: 0:00 Pengenalan 0:15 Membongkar 0:29 Menyambung monitor 1:11 Menyambung papan kekunci dan tetikus 1:50 Menyambung pembesar suara atau fon kepala 2:07 Menyambung kabel kuasa


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44 thoughts on “Asas Komputer: Menyediakan Komputer Desktop

  1. @Tragic-ej3vs

    Thank you so much i was stressing with my monitor and pc this helped me so much and i have a question does both the pc and monitor need to come with cables?

  2. @purplpen

    Welllll, that didn't resolve my problem. I don't know how to make the monitor display come on, if it doesn't do so automatically.

    I have this same problem with instructions for technology All. The. Time.

    The instructions say, "do X, and it will do Y." But they never say what to do, if you do X, and it DOESN'T do Y. They seem to expect there will never be an error or a glitch. But there are ALWAYS errors and glitches. That's when I need help, not when everything functions perfectly.

  3. @user-du1lm4vp9j

    Good evening admin user / owner of this video, can I use this video as part of my project?
    Rest assured that I will cite/credit this video.
    Thank you and Godspeed.

  4. @Myth16000

    I’m soon buying a new pc and monitor, they’re both acer, this video helps so I can learn how set up my pc and monitor and have the best gaming set-up

  5. @R42i8

    Thanks a lot! Very simple & easy, i.e you're actually …🌹

    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  6. @CHR0N0S1

    My computer has everything u said in the video but i turned the computer on and its saying check signal cable

  7. @mapspeta

    Now im sure i have a problem, it seems like i lost 1 power cable for the cpu.
    idk where is it, theres no way this thing is on my house since this pc actually used in my father's office….. blyad

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